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5 things I do most of the time:

Gabriele ------ | 2011-03-17 | My Life as Me
  1. I never admit that I am not okay, I mean what’s the point, all it leads to an explanation about how    you’re hurt which brings you near to tears.
  2. Crying about things that I can’t even explain, there is no reason for it, something must just trigger and I get a lump in my throat and a tingle in my eyes.
  3. Stare directly at one inanimate object for an entire time because I don’t know what else to look at, and keep staring.
  4. Listening to the music that can describe how I feel perfectly, the words fit with pretty much everything scrolling through my mind and I can just listen and get lost into nothing.
  5. I just sit and think. Over think. Over complicate. Analyse the day, plan tomorrow and do it all over again…

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